Cyber Law Consulting is most evolving need – with more and more Internet related incidents and crimes being reported, various threats emerging every day almost.   Cyber Legal Consulting in India is a nascent stage and it is important for clients to ensure that they are in right hands – a multi-dimensional cyber laws and Intellectual Property Rights consulting firm.

The Cyber Law Consultancy forms the core activity of Tushar Cons, Advocates and Cyber Law Consultants. Legal advisory and litigation services rendered by Tushar Cons cover all aspects of Information Technology Act including cyber crime, intellectual property infringements, and e-commerce and cross border jurisdiction issues. Drafting of complex contracts, compliance issues, online dispute resolution, legal research and opinion work and outsourcing projects form integral part of Cyber Legal Consultancy.

The cyber legal consultancy team of Tushar Cons comprises of lawyers specialized in Information Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, and Banking laws besides other areas.  The team of cyber lawyers at Tushar Cons advise clients on adopting the most suited e-commerce models for their online business and renders advice on jurisdiction and other issues. The legal advice is rendered on legal and regulatory compliance in different jurisdictions and drafting of apposite terms of use, privacy policy, disclaimers at Tushar Cons.

We at Tushar Cons handle cyber crime investigations and actively represent clients in both civil and criminal proceedings before various legal and quasi – legal forums and Courts of law. We at Tushar Cons have represented and assisted various national and international clients in various courts of law for securing and getting their domain names from fraudulent users. We at Tushar Cons also prepare legal documentations of Information Technology related contracts such as software services agreements, domain name transfer agreements, Intellectual Property Rights agreements such as copyright and trademark license/assignment agreements, technology transfer agreements and confidentiality agreements.

Our team in addition renders services for securing trademark, copyright and patent registrations and manages antipiracy operations.  Our Intellectual Property lawyers also actively represent in Intellectual Property infringement cases including domain name disputes, infringement of trademark, copyright and patents.

We represent clients in online dispute resolution cases administered under the UDRP Dispute Resolution Policy before WIPO Arbitration Centre. We have successfully advised clients comprising corporates, individuals and law enforcement agencies to identify, investigate and prosecute offenders and/or pursue civil recourse wherever applicable.

  • Conducting cybercrime cases and investigations
  • Civil and criminal matters -Litigation – cyber-cases, Trademark and copyright infringement and data theft cases
  • Cyber porn, MMS frauds and mobile crime cases Hacking, credit card and phishing frauds
  • Cyberterrorism issues
  • Hate-speech and invasion of privacy
  • Online impersonation, defamation , and cyber stalking cases
  • Consumer frauds
  • ISP liability issues
  • Conducting Antipiracy raids
  • Defending Antipiracy raids
  • Advice on E-commerce issues
  • Legal compliance with Cyber-laws in India and other countries
  • Cross border taxation issues
  • Drafting of e- contracts- privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimers, software services agreements, domain name transfer agreements, trademark and copyright license agreements, confidentiality agreements, technology transfer and franchising agreements
  • Online domain name dispute resolution
  • Legal notices -cease and desist
  • Cyber consulting, Cyber-law research and opinions
  • Legal outsourcing in Cyber-laws