Domain Name DisputeDomain name disputes arise from the practice of using site names which involves a registration of trademarks upfront and who don’t put it into active use. This is a pre-emptive act, and can be deliberate or unintentional. Deliberate act of registering domain name is commonly called as cybersquatting. Trademarks and domain names are related, as they both reflect the same business. The cybersquatter typically subvert the nature of domain name registration system. Trademarks, celebrities and large business names are chosen and registered.

The registration happens in a first come, first serve manner, and is generally inexpensive. The cybersquatter, then sells this directly to the business at a much higher rate or put on auction, as the need for synchronicity is imperative between the domain name and the business or the person.

In short, Tushar Cons understands your business imperative. So, we help you to resolve domain name disputes by means of arbitration or representing your case before WIPO and UDRP. We also help you file litigation if you get into conflicts arising from trademarks or copy right. We also help in continuously managing different domains of companies across the world. In short, we are your best Domain Name Consulting partner.

Tushar Cons and Partners offer the following Domain registration services:

1. Domain name renewal, opposition, rectification
2. Action of infringement and passing off
3. Trademark Licensing and Transmission
4. Brand Management & Valuation
5. Name Registration