About Tushar Cons.

We, Tushar Cons are one of India’s leading Cyber Law and Cyber Crime Law Firm & eminent Intellectual Property Rights Attorneys.We are connoisseurs in Advising on cyber and financial crime matters helping people and corporates by investigating and lodging police complaints in police stations and courts across India, including Mumbai.

We undertake and help Organizations, Websites and Service Providers comply with Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act 2000). We also draft national and international notices, covenants, agreements and contracts – all based on the objective and context depending our client’s needs. We handle fraud cases – in the areas of online, telecom, cyber and finance;and successfully dealt with cases on software piracy, social media abuse and fraud, data theft, electronic commerce (e-commerce). Read More..

Trademark Services

We review standard trademark publications and file opposition with the examiner if need be. We also respond to and defend against examiner..

Design Services

The Object of the Designs is to protect new or original designs so created to be applied or applicable to particular article to be manufactured by Industrial Process or means.

Copyrights Services

Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings.

Cyber Law Consultancy

Cyber Law Consulting is most evolving need – with more and more Internet related incidents and crimes being reported, various threats emerging every day almost.

We Specialise in Fertility Law

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